DIY Kits

DO IT YOURSELF KITS are the same as a StoryBox, however they are sent out unassembled.

Maybe you have some special items at home that you would like to include to 'tell the story' in your StoryBox - then a DIY kit maybe the best option for you!

This can also be a more cost effective option although you will need to assemble your StoryBox


Create your StoryBox as normal (go through steps 1 and 2) and at Step 3 choose the DIY option at the bottom of the frame to have the StoryBox sent out to you unassembled.


A 15% discount is applied to all mini's (discount not included on the frame), this discount is applied at check out once the DIY option is ticked at Step 3.  You can also view the running total for a fully assembled StoryBox versus a DIY kit in step 2.