What is a StoryBox?

Ans: A 3D frame arranged with miniature items (mini's) that depicts a story or milestone occasion.:- anniversary, life journey, wedding proposal, travel, having a baby, retirement, friendship, family – the list goes on…….

Some mini's can be personalised with messages and photos to customise your StoryBox.
There are 3 types of StoryBox – Assembled, Do-It-Yourself, EasyBox (template).


What is included in an assembled StoryBox?


- Mini items as chosen from store
- Frame with plexi-glass cover – no dusting! Completed frame size is 25cm x 25cm (or large frame is 30cm x 30cm)
- Fully sealed with concealed silica gel packet prevent against moisture damage

What are Do it Yourself Kits (DIY Kits)?

Ans: These are the same as a StoryBox but come unassembled, this allows you to assemble and add items you may already have at home. The kit contain the following items:

- mini's as chosen from the store

- frame with plexi-glass cover

- silica gel packet to prevent against moisture damage


- tape to seal the StoryBox

glue to fix mini's in place 


What is an EasyBox (Template)?

Ans: An EasyBox is a prefilled StoryBox  – we have the done the hard work for you! Examples of current EasyBox’s include – It’s a Girl, It’s a Boy, You’re Having a Baby, Celebrate Love.
You cannot remove or add mini's to an EasyBox, but all EasyBox’s contain 2 or 3 mini's that require personalisation for you to customise your StoryBox.

How do I make a StoryBox?

Ans: The website is designed to make this really easy!
Step One – Pick your frame (size, colour etc) or pick an EasyBox. You will be asked to name your project, this enables you to save your work and retrieve it at a later date.
Step Two – Search from hundreds of mini’s to fill the frame, ‘drag and drop’ mini's from the search results into your frame.  Delete and add mini's to the frame as many times as you want.  The site automatically sizes and places the mini's into a grid system. This step is skipped for an EasyBox.
The price of the frame and mini's are displayed as each item is added (a secondary price is displayed to purchase as a DIY Kit).
Step Three – Personalise your mini's – some mini's require a personal message or photo to be added so the StoryBox is customised to your requirements.
Step Four – Review, confirm and checkout on Paypal.

How long does it take to get my completed StoryBox and how much is postage?

Ans: Once an order is confirmed, assembly of StoryBox is 3-7 days and shipping is as follows:

- Australia 3-5 business days (postage is $15 - discounts apply for multiple items)

- NZ 5-10 business days (postage is $25 discounts apply for multiple items) NOTE - Local Tax is deducted from total at time of checkout

- International 7-10 business days (postage is $35  - discounts apply for multiple items) NOTE - Local Tax is deducted from total at time of checkout

Orders can be ‘fast tracked’ in Australia ONLY for additional payment, construction of StoryBox is 24 hours and express shipping is as follows:

- Australia 1-3 business days ($50 postage is included - discounts apply for multiple items), select fast track option at check out


Can I Pay with Credit or debit card instead of Paypal?

Ans:  Yes you can!  When you click on Confirm order at checkout, it will take you to the PayPal site, from here you can choose the option 'pay by credit or debit card' ar the bottom of the screen.



Why am I asked to create an account?

Ans: This is so your work can be saved and you can come back at anytime to complete or change any projects you have created.  To review your work simply click on the image of your project in 'your cart' or under your 'saved projects'

Where are the StoryBox made?

Ans: StoryBox is made in Australia from mini’s manufactured in all over the world, UK, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, China, USA.

Why is gaps between the minis?

Ans: The minis are larger in real life than they are in the digitial version, see examples below for the difference between a 'digital' StoryBox and the finished Storybox.  If we see a way to improve your desigin we can also pop you an email and make a suggestion - just like we did for Trish's StoryBox

Is there anything else I need to know about StoryBox?


- Slight colour variation may occur from photos to finished product on some mini’s

- Mini's are larger in size than images

- Any personalised messages will be replicated EXACTLY AS TYPED ON THE ORDER.  Spell check will not be applied as the messages are unique.  Spelling and grammar can also be personal and may have special meaning to the recipient. If you notice an error on your order after it has been placed, please email AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will do our best to rectify, however assembly is within 3-5 days so changes cannot be guaranteed

How do I make a great StoryBox?


- Try to place taller mini's in symmetry to balance the box

- Place personalised mini's – message board and books in prime positions e.g. easel in the middle grid, books at the beginning and end.  

- Consider the order – chronological, grouping by shelves etc


What if you are not happy with your StoryBox?

Ans:  Then neither are we! Please contact us ASAP and we will fix any issues or provide a full refund* upon return of the StoryBox.
*Please note the refund policy is void if the seal has been broken on an assembled StoryBox or EasyBox

What do I do if I cannot find a mini for my project?

Ans:  Contact us and we will do our best to source any special requests!