Bespoke (Custom-made)

Our bespoke service is a 'one on one' service that allows us to create the ultimate in personalised gifts for a milestone occasion.  We send you a questionnaire and produce a digital StoryBox based on your feedback, from there you can move things around or swap mini's or other items, you can also have more than the standard 5 minis per shelf or 6 per shelf for the large frame, we customise to your requirements.  Once you are happy we then make a mock up and send you a photo - once again you can move things around until you are 100% happy with your design. We then make up it and post it out to you.

You can choose custom colours for your frame and for your book covers as well.

This service costs the same as a normal StoryBox + a $40 design fee.  Please feel free to contact us for more information or you click on 'create a storybox' and click on the 'design service' storybox to confirm your order.

40th Wedding anniversary


50th Wedding anniversary for a Couple in New Zealand   




70th Birthday for a lovely lady in the UK